ZigSense - Wireless Sensing Technology

ZigSense is a line of low power wireless sensing nodes utilizing mesh networks technologies. Australian designed and manufactured, ZigSense sensing nodes establish a self-healing wireless mesh network of spatially distributed sensors that, individually or cooperatively monitor physical and environmental conditions. ZigSense wireless sensors provide RF coverage over short, medium and long ranges utilizing short range (2.4GHz) or long range (900MHz) radio modules.

Data generated by remote wireless sensing nodes is transmitted over the air to a central network gateway. The data can be accessed by PLCs, SCADA stations, Dataloggers, graphical HMI panels and ZigSense 'Cloud' Controllers. The sampled and logged data is uploaded to ZigCloud a secured online data monitoring and logging service.

Designed for ultra-low power consumption, ZigSense wireless nodes can be powered by external DC power supply, solar panels, windmill generators or small
Lithium batteries. To conserve battery power ZigSense nodes are operating under a sleep/wake cadence enabling prolonged run-time periods. ZigSense wireless nodes support generic Analog voltage or current , Digital, Thermistors, RTD, Pulse counting meters and serial communications using Modbus RTU RS232 or RS485 protocol.

A ZigSense cloud controller is an out of the box controller designed for ad-hoc Internet based 'cloud' monitoring, data logging, alarming and reporting services.

A ZigSense 4G SMS I/O controller provides control and monitoring functionality of remote digital inputs or outputs over 4G cellular networks. All commands use simple SMS text.

Monitoring and control applications supported by ZigSense wireless sensors

Building Automation systems
HVAC Systems
Refrigeration & Cold storage
Water, Gas metering
Environment Pollution & Gas
Water Quality - pH, EC, DO
Tank & Silo Level
Pump Control
Machine Run-Time
Soil Moisture & Irrigation
Aquaculture: pH, EC, DO
Greenhouse:Temp, CO2, %RH
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