Sensors Monitoring Services

ZigCloud is an internet based monitoring service for ZigSense wireless sensors networks.Data generated by sensors distributed throughout a site is sampled, uploaded and recorded in a dedicated and secured ZigCloud ‘web-space’.

The administrator identifies the preferred method of data upload cadence to the ZigCloud servers. The system is connected to the internet through a built-in Ethernet port or through a built-in 3G cellular data modem. When a standard Ethernet connection is not available ZigSense cloud controller using 3G cellular network is a cost-effective way of remote monitoring.

Setting up ZigCloud monitoring services is simple and user friendly. Included is a set of powerful tools designed for efficient setup of a secured online ‘cloud’ web site with no need for a local PC, SCADA software or a PLC. Built-in authorization hierarchy enable the
ZigCloud provider to securely segregate between different levels of end users.

Some of the standard ZigCloud services are:
  • Registration of controller, sites and sensing systemsto be monitored
  • Identifying site locations on maps (GPS)
  • Scaling sensors signals for accurate data logging and graphical presentation
  • Associating sensors data to graphical objects, graphs, charts, tables and reports
  • Alarms: 4 alarm conditions per input. Alarm level+Alarm Restore thresholds+ Alarms actions
  • Timers (20): Hourly, Daily, Monthly
  • Schedules (20): Four intervals per schedule
  • Generating and sending alarm messages via email or SMS to predefined clients.
  • Generating statistical data reports in various forms
  • automatic transfer of data from ZigCloud to other web sites

Authorized users may edit & modify their own 'Cloud' details, data logging strategy, alarms conditions, alarms actions & messages, generate statistical reports based on data logging files, reports are to be sent to remote users. Access to the ‘cloud’ space by operators, technicians, or managers can be managed by the cloud site administrator.

To access ZigCloud please log on here:


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