ZigSense Cloud Controller

ZigSense model ZS-3GERF-001 is a complete communications control and monitoring solution designed from the ground up for the Internet. It provides secured online
access to real-time and historic data generated by remote ZigSense wireless sensors or by local sensors wired to its built-in analog & digital inputs. Data generated by the sensors is made available online (ZigCloud site) in the form of: Tables, Charts, Dynamic graphical objects, historical charts, Statistical Reports, CSV files and more. Multiple cloud controllers can be set to 'collaborate' and update a secured web site from multiple locations.

Gain access to your data from anywhere at any time
All you need is a web browser!

Model ZS-3GERF-001 is ready for use out-of-the-box

A cloud controller contains:
4 x Inputs (0-10VDC / 4-20ma / Digital ON-OFF / Pulse counting)
2 x Digital relay outputs ('dry' contact, Form-C 1Amp)
1 x RS485 communication port - Modbus RTU ‘Master’. 9600 bps to 57600 bps
1 x Ethernet communications port - 10/100 UDP. SSL 128 bits data encryption
1 x GSM/3G cellular modem including 2.1dBi 3G antenna (modem requires standard size SIM card)
1 x GPS port (GPS antenna is optional)
1 x 900MHz wireless RF radio module support I/O expansion remote nodes
1 x MicroLAN network port supporting local sensors

Model ZS-RF-EXP-03 is a wireless expansion node supporting:
1 x Low power 900MHz wireless radio module
4 x Inputs (0-10VDC / 4-20mA / Digital ON-OFF
2 x Digital Outputs (Relay contacts, Form C, 1A each)
Multiple wireless expansion nodes can be added creating a wireless network

Input sensors data, is uploaded by the controller to a dedicated and secured web site known as the 'Cloud'. Uploaded data, both real time and historical is made available to the user through our ZigCloud sensors monitoring service. Users can set multiple alarm thresholds for local or remote sensors and generate alert messages in the form of email, SMS, Twitter or Voice call. Multiple timers,counters and schedules are supported. Mathematical calculations and programmable logic can be programmed using a 'C'-like script language. Statistical reports of the data can be generated and emailed automatically to any user.


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