Wireless Point-To-Point (P2P) Pair

ZigSense model ZS09-P2P-001 (900MHz) are designed to run as wireless point-to-point matched pair. 
Data is transferred over the air between two wireless nodes using license free radio frequencies. 
The wireless link and bidirectional data transfer enable Digital and Analog signals to be transferred reliably over short, medium or long distances.

Any Analog & Digital signals e.g. Tank liquid Level, room temperature, Pressure, Flow, Humidity, Pump Run/Stop, Motor Start/Stop, Grain silo level, Motor temperature alarm, Motor current consumption, Gate open/close or any other alarm conditions are just a sample of a long list of signals that can be transferred between two remote sites. Voltage and Current (4-20mA) signals wired to any input could be sourced from a wide variety of sensors or PLC I/O terminals. Digital and Analogue outputs of a remote node could be wired directly to another PLC I/O wiring terminals, enabling wireless I/O replication link between two PLC systems.

A built-in Fail Safe function will deactivate the wireless node outputs during fault conditions.
A separate local alarm output adds an independent digital output for wiring local buzzer or strobe light.

Using ZigSense wireless point-to-point systems eliminates the need of installing long cables, cable trays, conduits and trenches, significantly reducing materials and installation costs.


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ZigSense Pty Ltd