Central Wireless Network Gateway

A ZigSense wireless gateway has the following roles:
  • 'Coordinating' wireless communications over mesh network
  • Rceiving data sent by remote wireless sensors and make the data available to external monitoring services, PLCs, SCADA stations, HMI, Telemetry Systems cloud monitoring and Data Loggers
  • Communicating to external systems such as SCADA, PLC using Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP protocol

ZigSense gateway supports the following communication ports:

  • COM1: Wireless port - Provides RF wireless communications to remote ZigSense wireless sensors
  • COM2: RS232 Serial port - Interface to external systems using Modbus RTU protocol
  • COM3: RS485 Serial port - Interface to external systems using Modbus RTU protocol
  • COM4: Ethernet port - Interface to external systems using Modbus TCP protocol
  • COM5: USB port - Supports advanced setup and maintenance software
The ZigSense gateway uses either 2.4GHz for short range wireless communications or 900MHz for long range wireless communications. It is powered by an external 12-24VDC power source and backed by an internal rechargeable Lithium backup battery

A local LCD display panel (series 'A') provides basic wireless network activity information.
For advanced setup of multiple wireless nodes, Modbus communications, monitoring we recommend the use of ZigSoft software (Series 'A' and Series 'B')


ZigSense Cloud Controller provides the link between the wireless network and the web based ZigCloud monitoring service.


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