Remote wireless pulse logger for water & gas metering applications

ZigSense wireless models: ZS09-REU-010 (900MHz) are ultra low power wireless pulse loggers designed for long range wireless metering applications such as: Water, Energy and Gas. Each wireless
pulse logger includes 2 x 32 bits counters supporting 100Hz pulse frequency per input. The two pulse counting inputs respond independently to 'dry' contact closure High to Low logic. External meter contacts can be wired directly to the pulse inputs by inserting the contacts wires through cable glands or through optional IP66 multi-pin circular connectors.

The wireless pulse counting node is normally powered by a single internal 3.6VDC Lithium battery or by an external
9-24VDC power supply. When a pulse logger is powered by an internal Li battery and is set to a long sleep cycle cadence, a single 3.6VDC 14Ah ‘D’ Lithium battery will power it for an estimated five years or longer. Optionally; 3 x 1.5VDC 2Ah standard ‘AA’ Li batteries will power the same pulse logger model for an estimated three years under the same conditions.

Pulse counting takes place whenever DC power is applied. Pulse counting continues in the background during the battery-saving sleep cycle. Data accumulated by the counters' registers will be transferred, over the air, towards the wireless network central gateway during a wake-up cycle. When a counter reaches its maximum counts it will reset and resume counting from 0. The two counters can also be reset to '0' value remotely under specific conditions.

Data accumulated in the pulse counting registers will be transmitted to the central wireless gateway over the air whenever the wireless pulse logger wakes up. 

Counter’s data is written to an internal non-volatile memory. If the DC power supply to the wireless node is lost, the last data stored in non-volatile memory will not be erased. Whenever DC power supply is re-applied and the pulse logger has rejoined the wireless network, the last registered data will be automatically retrieved from non-volatile memory and be uploaded towards the wireless network central gateway.


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ZigSense Pty Ltd