Wireless Network Router & Range Extender
ZigSense wireless routers model ZS24-RRU-051 (2.4GHz) and model ZS09-RRU-051 (900MHz)are wireless network routers and range extenders.

A ZigSense wireless router extends data communications range between remote wireless nodes distributed throughout a site and the central gateway by automatically receiving and re-transmitting data sent by multiple remote nodes. In addition, ZigSense routers can resolve communication difficulties in situation were no direct wireless paths are available between multiple sensing nodes and the wireless central gateway. Such conditions may occur within high rise buildings, urban streets environment, in and around a geographically hilly environment, around corners and bands.

A ZigSense router enables data generated by multiple remote nodes (or other routers) sharing the same wireless network, to be transferred to the central gateway. ZigSense routers can be set to include I/Os thus loaded with both router and standard wireless remote end unit (REU) functionality.


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