Wireless Modbus RTU remote node

ZigSense models ZS24-REU-015 (2.4GHz) and ZS09-REU-015 (900MHz) operate as a Modbus RTU ‘master’ nodes. These wireless nodes
communicate to other Modbus devices that are set as 'slaves' using built-in RS232/RS845 serial communication ports. A ZigSense wireless Modbus node polls its ‘slave’ devices such as; Temperature controllers, Energy meters, Water meters, Flow meters, Gas meters and Soil moisture sensors.

To conserve power, the ZigSense wireless Modbus 'master' is made to wake-up according to a configurable sleep cycle cadence set by the user. Data received from the remote Modbus ‘slave’ is stored in the Modbus ‘Master’ only to be transferred over-the-air (OTA) towards the wireless network central gateway whenever the node has reached its wake-up cycle.

Sub-earth soil moisture sensors supporting serial communications such as Modbus RTU and Serial SDI12 over Modbus protocols can be directly wired to a ZigSense Modbus 'master' node.
Serial communications baud rate are:9600/19200 with port settings of: 9600, N,8,1
Sub earth soil moisture sensing nodes are ultra low power wireless devices powered by a 3.6V Lithium battery for a prolonged period of time.
There is no need for solar panels or external batteries.



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