ZigSoft software provides the user with a simple yet powerful set of tools to setup, test and maintain a complete network of ZigSense wireless nodes. The user connects directly to the gateway, or defines off-line, a gateway setup file listing all ZigSense nodes associated with a given project. The setup list can be Saved/Loaded to/from a CSV file. The connection to the gateway requires a USB cable.

The gateway setup tab provides the user with a view of all ZigSense nodes that were authenticated and authorized to utilize the wireless network and communicate with the gateway. Each node is identified according to its serial ID and its specific model.

The Full Modbus address table tab provides the user with real time data generated and sent by the various remote wireless nodes. Data sent from unauthorized nodes will not be accepted or displayed.

Once authenticated, a ZigSense wireless node is automatically allocated a memory block of Modbus Holding Registers within the gateway's R/W memory. Any external system, PLC, SCADA, HMI, Data logger can be immediately interfaced to any addressable holding register defined within the memory block. Communications is based on Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP protocols.

Data logging is a standard functionality built-into ZigSoft. It enables the users quickly test and log data generated by remote wireless nodes for testing purposes or as general data logging files in a CSV format


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